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ESO Outreach Community Newsletter July 2014
ESO — Reaching New Heights in Astronomy
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ESO Outreach Community Newsletter
July 2014

Dear Fellow Communicators,

It’s not Christmas, but some of our planetarium friends may have felt as if Santa had paid an early visit this year when we released hundreds of free high-quality fulldome videos and images, following the ESO Ultra HD Expedition.

The new resources are part of our strategy to produce high-quality material for use in fulldome planetarium shows in our upcoming ESO Supernova — Planetarium and Visitor Centre from 2017. As it is our mandate to communicate astronomy with ESO’s Member States and beyond, we have made it our mission to make this material available for free to other planetariums as well.

Bookmark these dynamic links which will update as more materials become available:

We invite planetarium producers to download the material in full resolution directly from our ESO website. You are free to use the material as it best fits your needs, provided that you display the credit. All our materials are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, and are available in the highest resolution online.

Also this month, I invite you to join us on ESO’s new social media channels: Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, ISSUU, Scribd, Open Library, and Livestream, as well as on the dedicated accounts for ALMA, done in collaboration with the Joint ALMA Observatory and our international partners, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan — ALMA Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. The accounts are in English with Facebook and Twitter available also in Spanish.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to Adhemar Duro, our newest ESO Photo Ambassador!

Let’s reach new heights in astronomy together,

Lars Lindberg Christensen (
Head, ESO education and Public Outreach Department (ePOD)

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