Why is Technology Transfer important for ESO

The ESO Member States invest a significant amount of money into ESO's projects. Although the scientific return has always been paramount in justifying this investment, in these days of ever more ambitious and expensive projects, the pursuit of scientific knowledge alone is not always a sufficient justification. More and more governments are looking at the "Technological Return" they get from their contributions, and question the broader value to society as a whole of the money given for ESO's projects.

By identifying and quantifying examples of Technology Transfer at ESO, the process of Technology Transfer within the Organisation can be encouraged, and the awareness of the broader benefits to society within the Member States be highlighted.

Apart from direct technological return, there are also secondary benefits for European industry and for society as a whole. In particular, these include:

SO's public relations and educational activities not only increase the awareness of ESO's scientific results among the general public, they are also an important way of stimulating interest in astronomy amongst school children who will be the next generation of European astronomers.


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