Spectrum of quasar 0046-282 at z=3.83

This chart shows the spectrum of Q0046-282, obtained with FORS1 at VLT UT1. The redshift z = 3.83 has been deduced from the measured wavelengths of the indicated lines of multiple ionized elements. The redshift z of this quasar is larger than 3. The wavelength of the emitted light is therefore received at wavelengths that are larger (longer) by factors of more than 4 than the rest wavelength (i.e. at the quasar). In each of the diagrammes, the redshift z of the object and the (smaller) redshifts of some tentatively identified absorption lines are indicated. These absorption lines are formed in gas clouds that are located along the line of sight between the quasars and us. When studied in detail, these high-quality FORS spectra will provide accurate information on the chemical composition of the gas in these remote objects. The spectrum was obtained in the long-slit spectroscopy mode of FORS1. The total exposure time was 20 minutes.



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Release date:27 February 1999
Related releases:eso9920, eso9917
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Name:QSO 0046-282, Spectrum
Type:Early Universe : Galaxy : Activity : AGN : Quasar
Distance:z=3.83 (redshift)
Category:Quasars and Black Holes

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