Lithium in giant Star 850 in stellar cluster Be21

This photo shows the ESO 1.52-m telescope, installed for almost 30 years in its dome at the La Silla Observatory in the southern Atacama desert. The new FEROS spectrograph is placed in an adjacent, thermally and humidity controlled room in the telescope building (where a classical coudé spectrograph was formerly located). The light is guided from the telescope to the spectrograph by 14-m long optical fibres.

FEROS obtained two spectra (each of 90 min exposure) of S50, both showing this strong Lithium line and thus proving that it cannot have been caused by an instrumental effect. These spectra also illustrate the great amount of information that may be obtained in each exposure with FEROS - the shown spectral interval is just 1/280 of the total range recorded. The (visual) magnitude of S50 is 15.6, i.e., about 7,000 times fainter than what can be seen with the unaided eye.



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Release date:2 February 1999
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Name:s50, Spectrum
Type:Milky Way : Star

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ESO 1.52-metre telescope

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