"First Fringes" with two ATs

The "First Fringes" obtained with the first two VLTI Auxiliary Telescopes, as seen on the computer screen during the observation. The fringe pattern arises when the light beams from the two 1.8-m telescopes are brought together inside the VINCI instrument. The pattern itself contains information about the angular extension of the observed object, here the 6th-magnitude star HD62082. The fringes are acquired by moving a mirror back and forth around the position of equal path length for the two telescopes. One such scan can be seen in the third row window. This pattern results from the raw interferometric signals (the last two rows) after calibration and filtering using the photometric signals (the 4th and 5th row). The first two rows show the spectrum of the fringe pattern signal.



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Release date:14 March 2005
Related releases:eso0508
Size:812 x 1024 px

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Name:HD62082, Spectrum
Type:• Milky Way : Star : Type : Variable

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