Panoramic view of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope's dome

Impressive wide-angle 360 degree panorama view taken inside the dome of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope, at La Silla Observatory. The 3.6-metre telescope was inaugurated in 1976, and was the largest telescope of its time. It has an equatorial mount and the dome is 30 metres in diameter. This telescope currently works with the HARPS spectrograph, the world's most precise instrument for the detection of exoplanets by the radial velocity method. The white tubing which is visible is part of the air conditioning system. The temperature inside the telescope dome needs to be maintained at the same level during the day as is expected for the night, in order to avoid turbulence. The La Silla Observatory, located 600 km north of Santiago de Chile and at an altitude of 2400 metres, has been an ESO stronghold since the 1960s.

An amazing interactive virtual tour of La Silla is available here



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La Silla

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