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25 July 2014

As we did in previous years, the library will compile a list of ESO-authored papers presented at the SPIE conference on Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2014. If you (co-)authored a paper, please send the SPIE manuscript number (e.g., 9149-81) and the manuscript itself (preferably in PDF) or the arXiv ID to The listing with links to the full texts will be made available at

17 July 2014

Some time ago we had to stop providing access to the Safari ebook platform as their license agreement was reviewed by the ESO legal department. Unfortunately, it turned out that Safari's lawyers were not able to accept specific changes to their license which are mandatory for any contract signed by ESO. Further discussion offered by ESO was rejected by Safari.

As a result, we cannot provide access anymore. We regret this development, but have no means to influence the legal situation.

Should you be interested in programming and technical books in future, please send a request to In some cases, we may be able to provide electronic versions from a dedicated vendor, others will have to be purchased on paper.


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