Project documents

E-ELT Construction Proposal

E-ELT Phase B Final Design Review, 21–24 September 2010:

Technical publications

A large number of SPIE pubications describe the various technical aspects of the project, including the E-ELT design and its instrumentation. They can be found on the Technical/SPIE publication page.

Science Case documents

An Expanded View of the Universe
Science with the European Extremely Large Telescope.

A more detailed account of the E-ELT Science Case can be found in these documents.

Scientific papers

Scientific publications describing the science case for ELTs as well as publications related to the scientific aspects of the E-ELT are archived in
the scientific publication section.

Messenger articles

The European Extremely Large Telescope (Messenger No. 127, March 2007)
Progress on the European Extremely Large Telescope (Messenger No. 133, September 2008)
Report on the JENAM 2008 Meeting Symposium Science with the E-ELT (Messenger No. 134, December 2008)
ALMA and ELTs: A Deeper, Finer View of the Universe Report on the ESO workshop (Messenger No. 136, June 2009)
A Sneak Preview of the E-ELT Design Reference Science Plan Questionnaire Results (Messenger No. 138, December 2009)
Synopses of E-ELT Phase A and Instrument Concept Studies (Messenger No. 140, June 2010)
The E-ELT has Successfully Passed the Phase B Final Design Review (Messenger No. 143, March 2011)
Report on the Workshop Feeding the Giants: ELTs in the Era of Surveys (Messenger No. 146, December 2011)
Recent Progress Towards the European Extremely Large Telescope (Messenger No. 148, June 2012)

Powerpoint presentations intended for public use

Please feel free to use any of the material below as part of your own presentations. Please also note that a large collection of E-ELT images is available in the Gallery.

E-ELT Working Group reports [from April 2006]

WG1 – Science
WG2 – Instruments
WG3 – Site Evaluation
WG4 – Telescope Design
WG5 – Adaptive Optics