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These pages are aimed at ESO community astronomers and contain all the information required in order to prepare, execute, process and exploit observations with ESO facilities. They also provide information on the scientific activities taking place at ESO. Details can be accessed via the navigation menu.

ESO Science Announcements

First Data Release of the LEGA-C Public Spectroscopic Survey

Published: 13 Sep 2016

The ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey Large Early Galaxy Census (LEGA-C) has released science products from the first year of observations. LEGA-C started in December 2014 and observations are planned to be completed by mid-2018, with several data releases of the VIMOS spectra and value-added products before the completion of the survey. More information on the survey design, sample selection, observing strategy and data reduction in van der Wel et al. (2016) and a Messenger article.

Release of Proxima Centauri HARPS Science Spectra

Published: 09 Sep 2016

The 1-D spectral data products from the HARPS observations for ESO programme 096.C-0082, P.I. Anglada-Escudé, from January to March 2016, are now available from the Science Archive Facility. The results on the detection of a planet candidate around Proxima Cen from the analysis of these spectra, among others, are published in G. Anglada-Escudé et al. 2016.

Star Formation from Cores to Clusters

Published: 08 Sep 2016

ESO Workshop, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile, 6–9 March 2017

This Workshop aims to bring together astronomers pursuing a variety of strategies in answering the question: "What constitutes a prototypical low-mass star forming region from core to cluster scales" This question refers specifically to the formation of low-mass stars, but also involves higher-mass stars, starless cores, brown dwarfs and planet formation simultaneous with low-mass star formation, and related topics. The workshop will feature observational and theoretical/simulation studies in pursuing a comprehensive understanding of low-mass star forming regions.

Call for Proposals for Period 99

Published: 31 Aug 2016

The Call for Proposals for observations at ESO telescopes in Period 99 (1 April 2017 – 30 September 2017) has been released. Please consult the Call for Proposals document for the main news items and policies related to applying for time on ESO telescopes. All technical information about the offered instruments and facilities is contained on ESO webpages that are linked from the Call.
The deadline for proposals is 12:00 CEST 29 September 2016.

The Impact of Binaries on Stellar Evolution

Published: 26 Aug 2016

3–7 July 2017, ESO Headquarters, Garching, Germany

Stars are mostly found in binary and multiple systems: at least 50% of all solar-like stars have companions and that fraction approaches 100% for the most massive stars. A large fraction of these systems will interact in some way and alter the structure and evolution of the components, leading to the production of exotic objects beyond standard stellar evolution models. This workshop (ImBaSE 2017) will examine in detail the impact of binaries on stellar evolution from observational and theoretical viewpoints.

The Messenger

The Messenger No. 165 is now available. Highlights include:

  • R. G. West et al. The Next Generation Transit Survey (NGTS) Operational at Paranal
  • K. Immer et al. SEPIA – A New Instrument for the APEX Telescope
  • A. F. McLeod et al. Connecting the Dots: MUSE Unveils the Destructive Effect of Massive Stars
  • F. Schuller et al. From ATLASGAL to SEDIGISM: Towards a Complete 3D View of the Dense Galactic Interstellar Medium
  • R. Laing et al. Report on the ALMA Developers’ Workshop

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The ESO Science Newsletter

The September 2016 issue is now available.

The ESO Science Newsletter, mailed approximately once per month, presents the most recent announcements. Subscription is controlled through the Manage Profile link on the User Portal. Back issues (2013-) are archived.